Nov 11


Tricks of the Trade

I love everything about Fall! The changing of the leaves, cool evenings dining on a patio, college football, burning the first fire of the season and family gatherings during the holidays.


I am always looking for ways to freshen up our home with pumpkins and leaves of the season.


Recently, while reading the latest Southern Living magazine, I saw a few fall decorating ideas. A couple days later I saw the same “idea” on Pinterest. So, I decided to try it.


I took the information and tweaked it a little…


Per Southern Living and Pinterest, I started with Bittersweet and Succulents from the florist, a large pumpkin, five mini pumpkins, florist foam, a variety of moss and florist picks.


I ended up not using the Florist Picks or the foam.

I started by hot glueing the moss loosely to the top of the pumpkin.



I began placing the pumpkins and succulents on the moss. Once I was happy with their placement, I glued the mini pumpkins to the moss. I did not glue the succulents because they are living and I plan on using them in another arrangement after Thanksgiving.



Place pieces of the Bittersweet under and around the moss. I used longer pieces so that it hung out and draped over the arrangement.



Large Acorns and small pinecones would look great in this arrangement. Unfortunately, I did not have any on hand.

I finished the arrangement by placing the pumpkin on an old cuitting board, wrapping an antler around the base, clipping a Japanese Maple branch from my yard and adding a vine of faux berries.



I enjoy  trying new ideas and I am pretty pleased with the way this turned out. I plan on creating another one to use at our cabin on Thanksgiving. I will share Thanksgiving tablescape ideas next week.


I hope you all have a great weekend and happy decorating!





Apr 12

Inspiration Boards

Tricks of the Trade

Tuesday…time to get inspired.



Cabin Planning

Apr 11

If Theses Walls Could Talk

Tricks of the Trade

I absolutely love wallpaper!


It adds an extra pizazz to any room.


I like to think of wallpaper as a piece of art.

I know it can be expensive, but there are several ways to use wallpaper that does not involve breaking the bank or papering the entire room.


I love seeing wallpaper used in bookshelves, on ceilings, framed or just accenting one wall.


There are so many great designs available, both old and new.



If These Walls Could Talk




From top to bottom

Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper used in an entry, designed by Lauren Caron

F. Schumacher Grass Cloth used in a breakfast room, designed by Underwood Interiors

Philip Jeffries, Arches, used on the ceiling, designed by Annsley Interiors

Sep 17


Tricks of the Trade

Upholstered headboards are here to stay.


Everyone seems to be in love with upholstered headboards. I can see why. They add comfort, personality and warmth to any room.


While designing my freshman daughter’s dorm room, I thought we had hit the jackpot when she received word that she would have her older sister’s old dorm room.


I already had three upholstered headboards that we had used the year before. CHECK.


The only problem is that the girls wanted to turn the center bed as a daybed to create more space in the room.


So, I started researching headboards online…I found several helpful websites, but the best idea I found was from Not Just Dorms.


Not Just Dorms had a headboard that could be used as a twin or larger. They simply added two upholstered panels to either side of the twin.


So, I measured the length of the twin mattress. Measured the existing headboard and figured the width of the two panels.


The overall length was 78″

The existing twin headboard was 38″

The new headboard panels should be 20″, but considering the padding, were only 18″


The end result was perfect! The girls were smart to turn the center bed. They have so much more space. It is hard to believe that it is the same room.



Last Year’s Room

Hardin House 2014



This Year’s Room

Hardin House Dorm






Sep 15

Small Spaces

Tricks of the Trade

Making the most of a small space can be challenging.


Tim and I recently moved our girls to Austin. We moved our Sophomore in on Friday and our Freshman in on Sunday.


For my freshman, trying to fit all of her personal belongings into a small area of a three girl room was not easy. Thank goodness for The Container Store!


To give the girls more space in the room, we turned the center bed and styled it as a daybed.


Because my daughter uses her laptop on her bed, we were able to use her desk for makeup, jewelry organization and toiletries. Did I mention that they have a shared bath with six other girls??


I found a folding hutch from The Container Store that sit on top of her desk for frames, school supplies and books.


Dorm room


For my Sophomore, her room was a little easier… Her apartment was furnished.


She had a desk, which we used as her bedside table, a bed on risers and a four drawer dresser that could be separated.


I put two drawers in the closet and two drawers under her bed. By finding a new place for her drawers, I was able to bring in a chair to make her room a little more personal.